Recognizing the challenges of limited mobility for patients and the high workload for nurses, we developed the Ivy Duo+, the next generation infusion system.

The Ivy Duo+

The Ivy Duo + facilitates clinical-grade infusion therapy from a backpack or shoulder bag, introducing automatic air bubble removal and enabling automated multi-therapy schedules.

A man walking up the stairs with the portable infusion pump: "the Ivy Duo+" in a backpack.An image of someone placing the portable Ivy Duo+ infusion pump inside of a specially designed bag. The bag is easily accessible due to the entire front being zipped open.
A button showing that the Ivy Duo+ is a collaboration with Radboudumc
A photo of the team of Ivy Medical, consisting of 10 people. They are smiling in a friendly way, and wearing a business casual zip-up sweater with the logo of the company: Ivy Medical.

A team on a mission

To transform infusion therapy with our leading technology, improving patient mobility and streamlining nurse workflows, making healthcare more effective and personal.

Latests news

A picture of an employee of Ivy Medical: Julia bakker.

Julia Bakker joins team Ivy Medical

A photo of a stand of Ivy Medical at an innovation market at the Radboudumc, with two employees in the stand, and three nurses are talking to the employees of Ivy Medical.

Radboudumc Innovation Market

Ivy Medical joins AdoptIdee

A photo showcasing the 0-series production of the Ivy Duo+

We succesfully produced the 0-series!

A male team member of Ivy Medical.

Martijn Knol joins the team at Ivy Medical!

A photo of Ivy Medical team members that just participated in a running event.

Ivy Medical takes on the plantsoenloop!

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