Our mission

Making healthcare more effective and personal.

A team photo of Ivy Medical, with some employees carrying the produced equipment.
Our commitment is clear: More steps for patients, fewer sprints for nurses. Ivy Medical is dedicated to seamlessly integrating technology and healthcare, optimizing freedom and efficiency for both patients and providers.

Our mission and vision

Providing a next generation medical device to improve the experience of infusion therapy for patients and nurses.

We want to make a significant impact on healthcare quality by reinventing infusion therapy.

Meet the team

Our team consists of young enthousiastic people, get to know them below!

A male team member of Ivy Medical.
Gijs Schumer
Founder & CEO

As a problem solver with a clear vision, Gijs is result-oriented and understands the bigger picture. One of his talents is that he can observe calmly until a problem arises, to which he can react quickly to find feasible solutions.

A male team member of Ivy Medical.
Melcher Frankema
Founder & Lead Business Development

Enthusiastic, friendly and with his heart in the right place, Melcher enjoys working with others to realize the common goal. Melcher works with common sense and a big smile on his face. He is very spontaneous, flexible and can easily adapt to new situations.

A male team member of Ivy Medical.
Peter Tuin
Founder & Head of Engineering

Peter is constantly looking for logical explanations for everything that interests him. He is calm, composed and he has a very wide range of interests. Peter can concentrate well and work diligently to solve complex problems.

A female team member of Ivy Medical.
Emma Vrins
QA Engineer

Social, energetic and with a sharp mind. Emma has a talent for simplifying complex processes using her “short but impactful” approach. She values efficiency, but also likes having a lot of fun with her colleagues.

Join our team!
We are currently looking for:

Internship- Research Engineer

A male team member of Ivy Medical.
Wouter van Gammeren
Business Controller

Although Wouter is social and easy-going during lunch, he’s an absolute numbers slayer when he’s behind the spreadsheet, making sure Ivy’s financials are on point. Wouter makes sure to embody our vision into a clear pathway from both a business and financial perspective.

A male team member of Ivy Medical.
Sjoerd Janzen
NPI Engineer

Sjoerd is always up for a laugh, but very serious when it comes to his work. He keeps track of every aspect of the product systematically and with great care, making sure the design process runs smoothly and the product is extensively tested.

A female team member of Ivy Medical.
Ymke Janse
Product Engineer

Ymke is a naturally curious individual who isn’t afraid of taking decisive action. In every field she explores, she quickly becomes an expert, making swift and impressive progress. She truly knows how to turn on the turbo!

A female team member of Ivy Medical.
Esmee Beugelaar
R&D Associate

Esmee is a natural organizer. She knows how to filter out the core tasks and in this way manages to always be on top of things. Wondering what was said several weeks ago? Don’t worry, Esmee wrote it down.

A male team member of Ivy Medical.
Pieter Wichers
Medical Advisor

As a doctor, Pieter’s number one priority is the well-being of his patients and nurses. Working on the development and implementation of the Ivy Duo +, he prefers a practical approach and clear communication. He likes to think in terms of opportunities and translates his findings into the reality of day-to-day practice in the clinic.

A male team member of Ivy Medical.
Tjerk Hylkema
Medical Advisor

Tjerk is a down-to-earth, sociable person who knows how to get to the point. Tjerk’s intricate knowledge about patient safety and decision making provides invaluable insights that help improve Ivy Medical.

A female team member of Ivy Medical.
Julia Bakker
Research Engineer

Julia is a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual, known for her ability to get straight to the point and drive projects forward with energy. She is both fun and caring, making her a joy to be around. Additionally, it’s worth noting that she possesses an exceptional eye for detail.

A male team member of Ivy Medical.
Martijn Knol
Research Engineer

Martijn is sharp, curious, and committed. Whether he is deciphering complex scientific methods or diving into data analysis, he approaches tasks with thoroughness and a strong desire to achieve optimal results. This man thrives on challenges!

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