The Ivy Duo+
Transforming infusion therapy

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Planning infusion therapy

The integrated infusion therapy planning tool enables healthcare professionals to plan therapies from two different sources well in advance for up to 26 hours. The system automatically manages the transition between sources and streamlines the process for healthcare providers.

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7-inch touchscreen

Our state-of-the-art interface features a 7-inch touchscreen and offers users a spacious and clear display. The user-friendly design aims to minimize input errors, ensuring a seamless experience.  With its excellent readability even from a distance, the screen can be easily adjusted to accommodate individual user preferences, guaranteeing optimal comfort and convenience.

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Precise pressure detection

Cleverly placed force sensors provide a real-time measurement of the force inside the administration set. This allows for accurate occlusion detection and protection against high pressures within the system.

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Automatic air bubble removal

By combining our advanced administration set design with sophisticated software coding, the system possesses the capability to autonomously eliminate air from the administration set. Not only does this reduce the number of interruptions of the therapy, but it also creates a high level of safety against air infusion.

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Expected to reduce alarms

The system is designed to be as safe as possible, adhering to all relevant safety regulations, while our leading technology minimizes alarm situations. Our technology operates without a drip chamber and counter and is highly resistant to unexpected shocks and tilting. With the introduction of automatic air bubble removal and enabling automatic multi-therapy schedules, we expect to reduce the number of alarms compared to current infusion pumps.

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A key feature of the Ivy Duo + is that the infusion pump can be placed inside a carrier. This allows patients to receive clinical-grade infusion therapy from a backpack or shoulder bag. The transition to this mode does not disrupt the infusion therapy, ensuring continuous treatment. Together with the ability to plan therapy in advance, the carrier facilitates patient mobility.

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Research has indicated that sleep loss can result in notable decreases in energy and activity levels, potentially affecting the physical recovery of individuals. Therefore, enhancing sleep quality is particularly important for hospitalized patients, as the alarms produced by infusion pumps often disturb sleep patterns. By focusing on minimizing unnecessary alarms, the Ivy Duo + actively promotes restful sleep.

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Life-changing for both patient and healthcare professionals


Patients can receive clinical-grade infusion therapy from the comfort of a backpack or shoulder bag, facilitating easier mobilization.

Fewer Disruptions

The automatic removal of air bubbles from the infusion line minimizes the frequent and time-consuming alarms associated with infusion therapy.


The system includes a dual connection for infusion sources and an integrated planning tool, allowing multi-therapy infusion schedules to be automated, reducing the workload for nurses.

What do professionals say about the Ivy Duo+?

A picture of a smiling female healthcare professional

"With its pre-programmed schedules, I can leave the administration of intravenous medication to the Ivy Duo + with confidence."

Helga de Bie

Orthopedics nurse

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"Infusion poles should be something of the past. I am confident that the Ivy Duo+ will succeed in accomplishing this!"

Bart Verkerke
Professor in design of Biomedical products
A picture of a smiling male medical professional

"Ivy's innovation enables possibilites for patients to be more self-supporting"

Jordi Elings


A picture of a smiling male

"The Ivy Duo+ will start a new era of infusion therapy, increasing accuracy and effectiveness, and most importantly: patient mobility!"

Tjerk Hylkema

AIOS Pulmonology and Tuberculosis

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"A much needed innovation which will make hospital operations more convenient and efficient."

Pieter Wichers

Emergency doctor

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Created with and for our users

To develop the Ivy Duo+, we extensively collaborated with several hospitals. These are our main partners:

Our journey towards the product launch

Our plan to transform infusion therapy
Ivy Medical uses a stage-gated development process. At the end of every stage, Ivy Medical produces an integrated prototype, which is tested and validated thoroughly, considering all technical, medical, and commercial requirements. Our 0-series prototype represents our end product, which will be tested and CE-certified under the Medical Device Regulation. The Ivy Duo + is expected to be ready to pilot in 2025.

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